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Who We Are

The Birth of FAIRIA: A Clean Fragrance Brand

Originated in Sydney in 2019, FAIRIA signifies beautiful and clean harmonies. Lavinia Liao, the Founder, felt that our world was bewildering with opaque products and excessive packaging that often led to mistrust. Many of us seek simplicity, purity, and products that are gentle on our bodies. FAIRIA was created for those who value life and pursue simplicity and purity.

Combine wellness with beauty.

These days, FAIRIA’s product line includes the clean perfume & incense collection and the clean laundry care collection. 

Buy less, use better

“I am crazy about perfumes, they are like our 2nd layer of skin, they bear messages for both self-expression and communication with others. Following the birth of my second child, allergic reactions to certain scents triggered nausea, sickness, and migraines. That’s where my journey of clean fragrance began. Safe, clean, simple, beautiful, and affordable luxurious -that’s the soul of FAIRIA. In a world saturated with complexity, we need something pure.”


– Lavinia Liao, Founder

The Power of Fragrance

Fragrance possesses incredible power, instantly transporting us to different emotions and times. FAIRIA five fragrances are not just scents; they are experiences.  They represent five different parts of the day – dawn, morning, noon, sunset, and midnight. They allow you to experience the fragrance of nature, whether it’s the depths of a forest, the heart of a blooming garden, or the embrace of the earth. They enable you to engage in a dialogue with your inner self, drawing strength from purity and nature, cleansing your soul.

Breathe, Exhale, Purify

In our daily lives, we often overlook the power of breathing. FAIRIA’s fragrances encourage people to pause, take a deep breath, exhale, and purify their inner selves. Each fragrance represents a journey into nature, a meditation for the soul. We hope you find balance and purity through taste, smell, and inner dialogue.

Clean Insense

Non Toxic



Cruelty Free

Eco-friendly packaging