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Multipurpose Disinfectant Concentrate Set


  • Limited edition, designed by Brooke Bobridge
  • 10ml x 10
  • Single use as laundry sanitizer, floor sanitizer, and all-purpose sanitizer.

5 TOP Reasons why you should choose Fairia Multi-purpose concentrate:

  • Laundry Sanitizer + Antibacterial Cleaner. Sanitize, clean, germ control, odour removal, fabric softener, colour protection… All you need is this one bottle!
  • antibacterial & antifungal! 24hours germ control! Great for laundry sanitizing, fabric care, eliminate cross infection in family.
  • Great saving & Eco Friendly! It’s ultra concentrate and diluable!!
  • Signature floral fragrance – Kelly’s garden, contains plants extract, source from nature, eliminates odour.
  • Mums & kids safe, design for everyone in the family.

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Multipurpose Disinfectant Concentrate Set

Embrace nature with purity

Non-toxic | Vegan | Clean | Cruelty Free | Eco-friendly

In a time marked by fast-paced living and bustling routines, there’s a persistent yearning to find balance in our lives. It’s a balance between humanity and nature, between self and family, and between work and life. At FAIRIA, we aim to attain balance through the art of fragrance, along with our clean formula. Our fragrances are not just scents, they are experiences. They enable you to engage in a dialogue with your inner self, drawing strength from purity and nature, cleansing your soul. They will also transport you instantly into the embrace of nature, invoking a multitude of emotions, and transcending the constraints of time.

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Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 10 × 3 × 13 cm


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