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Clean Life

Dialogue of Purity and Nature

At FAIRIA, we believe that there exists a profound dialogue between purity and nature. We live in a bustling and noisy world, but in the embrace of nature, we can find tranquillity and balance.

Unlike other perfumes on the market, our perfumes are made with pure sugar cane alcohol; our incense sticks are made from cedarwood and sandalwood. We do not use denatured alcohol, industrial alcohol, or chemical solvents, which are the main reasons for headaches, nausea, and migraine when many people smell fragrances.

In light of clean and safe considerations, we exclude a long list of highly toxic & sensitive ingredients, choose safe, pure, and hypoallergenic materials that harmonise with natural ingredients, providing a win-win solution for fragrance enthusiasts and the planet alike, creating pure fragrances that are truly unique.

Rose Dew

Commitment to Sustainability

At FAIRIA, we advocate for “buy less, use better.” Besides seeking inner balance, we are committed to contributing to the planet’s balance. We source materials sustainably, reduce packaging waste, and make our own modest contributions to environmental preservation. We believe that true balance can only be achieved through harmony with nature.

Our packaging features a unique, minimalist design with FSC-certified materials. The curling tube is made from food-grade materials, and we use eco-friendly adhesive. Our glass containers are recyclable. Even our perfume labels are made by recyclable and reusable cotton, you can use it as a perfume carrier, place it in the wardrobe, car, anywhere you like.

Non Toxic



Cruelty Free

Eco-friendly packaging