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Clean Perfume

Clean, unisex perfume for everyone.

Made of sugar cane alcohol, use essential oil blended parfum. 

Free from phthalates, BHT, and a long list of highly toxic and sensitive parfum components.  

Wear them, give yourself some time to breath. 

Waking up to the sounds of insects and birds, strolling through the rustling woods, daydreaming by the lotus pond in the afternoon, chasing silvery twilight under the evening sun, falling asleep under the tranquil starry sky.


* Each Fairia Clean Perfume comes with a reusable cotton label that can be used as a perfume carrier

Begin exploring by scent family

Rose Dew

– Dawn

Whispering Trees

– Morning

Floating Lotus

– Afternoon

White Forest

– Sunset

Star Dust

– Midnight